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Gaia Initiatives was founded in The Hague in February 2017.

Delivering Environmental Expertise

Our Team

Our experts provide technical advice, champion environmental awareness, and contribute to the implementation of activities and best practices.
Design and implement systems to contribute to environmental management, achieving a positive impact.

Aleyda Santos

Founder and Director

Aleyda is Colombian and has a broad international experience, from living abroad from a very young age to working for international organizations.
She has learned from different cultures and discovered new environments. Her international exposure makes her feel at home in any part of the world, appreciating our diversity. This
broad international experience gave way to the discovery of Nature across five continents. From deserts to tropical forests, from diving the underwater marine world to hiking mountains, Aleyda has been fortunate in discovering the unique beauty of our Planet.

Her passion for Nature took her to complete a BSc in Environmental Science and an MSc in Environmental Decision Making. From understanding the life cycle of a drop of water or a grain of sand to learning how to sit down with stakeholders and reach a consensus that meets everyone needs.

Aleyda is a change catalyst and wants to enforce solutions to prevent the destruction of our biodiversity. She has dedicated the last few years to find suitable solutions to tackle environmental impacts, preserving Nature while satisfying the Human’s needs for Nature’ services and resources.

When knowledge is not enough to make
changes, you need to act. Aleyda has conducted environmental activities addressing plastic waste pollution and participating in public calls for action
on climate justice, pesticides and agroindustry, carbon footprint, and central nuclear stations, fulfilling her desire to contribute to solutions while creating awareness.

Urged by the needs for solutions, she has established:

GAIA Foundation to “Reforesting our Future”.

Our first projects will take place in Colombia, a hotspot of world-biodiversity.

We invite you to join us on this journey.

Team of professional experts

Extensive experience in the successful development of projects. Our team consist of IT Specialists, Compliance Experts, Blockchain entrepreneurs, Biologists and Apiculturists.

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Our projects support biodiversity and the habitat of indigenous communities