My environmental journey

A couple of years ago, I put together a PET plastic collection project in The Hague, but, unfortunately, it did not go very far. The cost of recovering good quality plastic for recycling did not cover the logistic costs. And with Covid19, well, it was time to dig deeper into what is it that I wanted to do with my knowledge and passion for the environment. There are so many fields of interest; Nature’s interdependence is fascinating, and there is so much to do! Where to start? I finally connected, 🙂 with the wish I have always had, which is: If I win the lottery, I will buy a forest and have it as my home! Yes, caring for wildlife and taking care of their Home, their Forests is what would really make me happy. And so it is, when it is the right decision, things move in the right direction. And I have immediately found the support of a team of professionals and friends who helped me land my idea into paper. I am now in the process of establishing, GAIA Foundation to undertake forest restoration projects, “Reforesting our Future”. Our first projects will take place in Colombia, a hotspot of world-biodiversity. We will invite you to follow us as we undertake our journey. Applying sustainable land management systems and working with indigenous communities towards a sustainable is our objective. To succeed in restoring a healthy environment where the community can achieve a sustainable socio-economic growth.

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